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Cougar Armor Air Gaming Chair



Dual design for all needs

Inheriting the body-embracing high back from the ARMOR series, ARMOR AIR is given a innovative high back design. It features two types of high-back – breathable mesh and comfortable leather along with full adjustability for different needs. ARMOR AIR is quite enough for you in all battles!

Cougar Armor One Gaming Chair

COUGAR Armor One brings you the comfort you need to thoroughly enjoy long gaming sessions. Fully adjustable and made of first quality materials, this gaming chair also features the unique COUGAR design that has become a sign of the passion for gaming.
  • Body-embracing High Back Design
  • Breathable PVC Leather
  • Head and Lumbar Pillow

Cougar Armor S Gaming Chair

Body-embracing High Back Design Breathable Premium PVC Leather Head and Lumbar Pillow 180º Reclining

Cougar Bungee Bunker

COUGAR Bunker is the perfect solution for those gamers who want to enjoy the superior reliability, response and accuracy of a wired gaming mouse while at the same time preventing the mouse cord from getting in their way.
  • Flexible Cable Mount Design
  • Superior Stability: Vacuum Suction Pad
  • Ultra-Light Compact Design
  • 110mm x 70mm x 115mm

Cougar Bungee Bunker RGB

BUNKER RGB can display fourteen fantastic lighting effects that can be selected merely by pressing a button.
  • Convenient USB Hub
  • Flexible Cable Mount Design
  • Superior Stability: Vacuum Suction Pad
  • Ultra-Light Compact Design

Cougar Explore S Gaming Chair

COUGAR Explore S gaming chair perfectly meets the needs of professional gamers with a combination of comfort and durability. The high density mold shaping foam, steel frame, metal base, reclining backrest, perforated premium PVC leather, delicate embroidery as well as ergonomic-designed armrest easily have you find your most comfortable position. Come and explore the game and greet every battle to win!
  • Unparalleled Comfort
  • High Density Mold Shaping Foam
  • Adjustable Design
  • 3D Adjustable armrest

Cougar Fusion Gaming Chair

Cougar FUSION  High-Comfort Gaming Chair Ready for both gaming and professional use, FUSION is a comfortable swiveling chair built with high-quality materials and sporting a powerful COUGAR design. Fusion’s body-embracing design delivers a pleasant sitting experience that is further enhanced by its extra-long armrests. Both the body of the chair and the armrest pads sport a faux leather surface that makes them both transpirable and highly pleasant to the touch.
  • A Comfortable Shape
  • Class And Durability
  • Powerful Design
  • Great Height Adjustment

Cougar Fusion S Gaming Chair



Comfortable Multi-Purpose Gaming Chair

FUSION S is designed with a medium size, ergonomics and gaming-style look to give you a comfortable experience at play and work. Improve productivity during the daytime and increase battle power during the night, it is an excellent chair for different purposes!

Cougar GEM1050/1200 Cougar PSU 80+ Gold

 63,000 69,000


1050 / 1200

The GEM series are the golden value PSU with a compact size for easy builds in a constrained PC case. Its 40ºC/104ºF working ambient temperature allows keeping the best electrical performance, and the optional fan switch generates the best noise reduction. Therefore, the efficient, quiet, and durable GEM is your best power source.

Cougar Neon Mouse Pad

 6,000 7,200
  • NEON X RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. Illuminate your victory with brilliance, speed and precision.
  • RGB Lighting. Fourteen fantastic lighting effects that can be selected merely by pressing a button.
  • HD Texture Design Provides Fast and Extra Smooth Mouse Sliding Experience. Stitched Lighting Border + 4mm Thickness. Durable and comfortable design.
  • Wave-Shaped Anti-Slip Rubber Base. Extra grip force for enhanced stability.
  • NEON X 800 x 300 x 4mm (31.5 x 11.81 x 0.16 in)

Cougar Outrider S Gaming Chair

COUGAR Outrider S has been designed for those who want not only superb comfort but also a set of passionate features that bring their gaming experience to a new level. With premium PVC leather, a high-density foam cushions and a unique honeycomb pattern, Outrider S is designed for posture-perfect hardcore gaming.
  •  Unparalleled Comfort
  •  Adjustable Design
  •  4D Adjustable armrest
  • Quality and Safety
  • Extra-Size Wheels

Cougar Purity RGB PC Case

  • DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 200 x 392 x 360 (mm)
  • 7.9 x 15.4 x 14.2 (in)
  • I/O PANEL USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 1, Mic x 1 / Audio x 1, RGB Button, Reset Button
  • 3.5" DRIVE BAY 2
  • 2.5" DRIVE BAY 2+2 (converted from 3.5" drive bays)
  • TOP 120mm x 2
  • REAR 120mm x 1 (ARGB fan x 1 pre-installed)
  • WATER COOLING SUPPORT TOP 240mm / 120mm (Max. component height on motherboard is 34mm)
  • REAR 120mm
  • TRANSPARENT LEFT PANEL 3mm hinged tempered glass panel
  • MAX. GRAPHICS CARD LENGTH 305 (mm) / 12 (in)
  • MAX. CPU COOLER HEIGHT 160 (mm) / 6.3 (in)
  • MAX. PSU LENGTH 160 (mm) / 6.3 (in)