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1st player Black Sir C5 Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Dual cooling modes USB cross flow cooling fan
  • Booster type cross flow turbine
  • High end aluminum and plastic material
  • Blowing rate control

1st Player Black sir C6 Raitron Laptop Cooling Pad

  • RPM: 1800 – 2500RPM
  • Fan Diameter: Fanless Design
  • Compatible Laptop Size: Up to 17 inch
  • Powered by: USB

1st Player Black Sir C7 RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

C7 is with three ergonomic height settings to ease the using strain • Laptop stand can be rotated 360°for convenient viewing • Aluminum plate can offer superior heat dissipation • One big silent 20CM fan for superior heat dissipation • To keep laptops be stable with anti-Slip holder • Special USB cable slot for space management • Surrounding RGB light enhances virtual reality of gaming

1st Player F1 4pin Case Fan

  • With the effects of LED cycling.
  • Suitable for AMD and Intel platforms.
  • High CFM and minimal noise are brought via a 12.4 CM fan.
  • Fins made of high-density aluminum provide excellent heat dissipation.
  • Ideal designs for AIO PCs and tiny cases are compact types

1st Player FD1 CPU Cooler

Compatible with lntel and AMD platforms. 7.5 CM fan brings high CFM and low noise. High-density aluminum fins deliver marvelous heat dissipation. Compact type ideally designs for AlO PC and small case

1st player Fire Base CC ARGB Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified Cooling Kit

Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified · Motherboard sync · drive-by-wire · Controller

1st player FIRE BASE G1 ARGB Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified Cooling Kit

1st player FIRE BASE G1 RGB Charming Look & Powerful Performance Unified Cooling Kit
  • RGB Combo 3 Fans With Controller And Remote
  • Anti-vibration mounting system
  • Noise reduction design
  • Fluid dynamic bearing structure

1st Player FK 5.5 PS-550FK 550W PSU

1st Player FK 5.5 PS-550FK 550W Power Supply
  • Double Forward + APFC (4.0 PPFC)
  • EFF. high as 85% under typical loading
  • Single +12V output
  • 12CM Hydraulic Bearing fan

1st Player G6 Case Fan

  • DIMENSION 120*120*25mm
  • 5 Color Lighting 1000rpm
  • MAX CFM 30.54CFM

1st Player G7 ARGB Single Fan

• 3 in 1 RGB Control Mode. • Fluid Dynamic Bearing Structure. • High Static Pressure Cfm Design.

1st Player G7 Plus ARGB Fan

  • 3 in 1 RGB Control Mode
  • 12 Highlighted LED Beads
  • 7 Transparent Silent Fan Blade
  • High Static Pressure Cfm Design