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Cougar Attila Earbuds

  • Graphene Diaphragm Drivers: Pro-level Sound Quality.
  •  Integrated Chamber System: Deeper, Clearer Differences between Bass, Mid and Treble
  • 3 Sound-enhanced & Isolating Flexile Foam Ear Tips Sets
  •  3 Ergonomic Sizes of In-Ear Hooks
  •  With Tangle-Free Flat Cable and Carrying Case

Cougar HX330 Headset



Cougar Phontum S Headset

Phontum S has been created for those who want to enjoy great audio in long gaming sessions. A high-isolation quality audio experience for your home. Clear, light and portable audio with extra-fresh fabric surface for your travels and commutes. Phontum S gives you the best of two worlds.
  • Dual Chamber System
  • Extra-large Drivers with Graphene Diaphragms
  • 9.7mm of Clear Voice
  • Dual Earpad, Dual Life

Cougar VM410 / Driver 53mm Graphene Driver/ Mic 9.7m Unidirectional with Noise Cancellation Headset



VM410 is the over-ear headset equipped with premium audio and innovative structural design. The large 53mm graphene diaphragm drivers create a vibrant frequency and a focus on true sound pick-up with the 9.7mm microphone. The innovative metal junction allows for triple adjustments for optimal ergonomics and lightweight comfort. The Cougar VM410 will immerse you in every game session.

Havit E500BT Bluetooth Earphones

  • The earphones are rated IPX5 and can withstand dripping sweat
  • Enjoy up to 8 hours of use on a 1 hour charge.
  • With 8mm drivers, providing superior bass stereo sound and crisp high-pitched sound.
  • The neckband design allow you to wear the earphones on your neck comfortably and perfectly
  • With 8mm dynamic unit, the earphone provides more powerful bass and crisp treble
  • Ergonomic neckband design, you can wear the headphone on your neck comfortably

Havit E521BT Bluetooth Earphones

  • A type  – Bluetooth headset
  • Connection type  – Wireless
  • Purpose  – For smartphone and player
  • Bluetooth  – bluetooth 5.0
  • Weight  – 6 g
  • Radius of action  – 10 meters

Havit H100d Wired Headphone

• 3.5mm Portable Folding • Single Port, 40mm Speaker • 32ohm Impedance • Sensitivity : 102dB

Havit H139d Wired Headset

  • Model: HV-H100d
  • 3.5mm Portable Folding
  • Single Port, 40mm Speaker
  • 32ohm Impedance
  • Sensitivity : 102dB

Havit H2011d Wired Gaming Headset

  • Speaker: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32.15%
  • Sensitivity: 103 3dB
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20KHz
  • Microphone: 4.0*1.5mm
  • Operating Current: 35mA
  • Cord Length: 2.0m 10cm
  • Plug: 3.5mm + USB

Havit H2013d Gaming Headphones

1.Surround stereo in collocation with metal mesh and RGB cool lighting 2.50mm large caliber speakers, brings broad sound field and strong bass 3.All-inclusive skin earmuffs, passive noise reduction, high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone 4.High precision and smooth wheel volume control which enable you to control the volume as you like

Havit H2015d Gaming Headphones

1.Proportional appearance and texture,simple and generous. 2.High magnetic 50 speakers, built-in three-layer composite film to reduce distortion, superb sound quality, realistic game sound, listening to music high, detailed bass crossover. 3.The memory foam is suitable for players with different head shapes and is tightly wrapped with your ears .It is comfortable to wear for a long time and has good sound insulation effect. 4.Single suspended adjustable headband, ergonomics design, comfortable to wear, anti-violence and not easy to damage. Suitable for different people, the weight of the whole machine is moderate, wearing for a long time without pressure. 5.3.5mm version: pluggable microphone and 3.5mm cable, compatible with PS4,XBOX.

Havit H2016d Gaming Headphones

1.The appearance is cool, simple and generous, cool shape RGB light. 2.High magnetic 50mm speaker, with strong sounding quality, distinct gaming sound and meticulous high and low fractional frequency when listening to music. 3.Memory foam combined with fully enclosed sound chamber design, long-term wear without feeling of comfort.